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ACES 3.2 Support – Auto Plus

Auto Plus was recently updated to support the AutoCare Association ACES 3.2 XML schema.

ACES 3.2 brought a few changes to logos and verbiage from “AAIA” to “Auto Care Association”.  The logo was also changed from Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard to Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard.  Removed was the upper limit of 2015 from the year range and implemented four character year limit.  Changed the approved for element to a container to allow a country element.

For Auto Plus users, you can now choose from ACES 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2 XML exporting.  This is very helpful if the receiver your file is going to can only support an older version of the ACES standard.  Also new is the ability to search for the ACES Brand ID on the ACES Export Profile instead of typing in manually as well as a country code lookup for approved for field.

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