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ACES MS Excel To Validated VCdb Import Mapping

Released in version is a new module allowing MS Excel spreadsheet MMY data to be imported.  Using an Excel template users can now paste their legacy vehicle data into this template and import into Auto Plus.

Auto Plus then validates the cells of data and where it can map to ACES will validate and import.  For cells of data that it can not validate against the ACES VCdb and PCdb it will provide the end-user with both error and warning reports.

The warning and error reports can be exported back out to Excel for clean up and re import.

Most companies that deal with automotive parts have many MS Excel files that contain make, model, year, engine, body and other vehicle attributes.  When these companies need to become ACES compliant they want to salvage as much of their proprietary fitment data as possible.  Other users have manufacturing facilities and or departments that manage fitment data in Excel and need this data to be validated against the ACES VCdb on an ongoing basis.

Once activated, the ACES Flat File Import Module can be used as often as needed.

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