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eCommerce Shopping Cart Software Compliant with ACES and PIES!
In the competitive automotive parts world today it’s almost an absolute must to have an ecommerce web site. The problem is finding automotive ecommerce shopping cart software that is both ACES and PIES compliant. Parts manufacturers and catalog mappers work hard to provide the industry quality parts fitment and support data meeting the requirements of the Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard and the Product Information Exchange Standard but very few online shopping carts support ACES and PIES.

Standard carts from Magento, Volusion and X-Cart are great platforms and offer many outstanding features; however they lack the ability to integrate and handle complicated database design and functions required of ACES and PIES databases. Finding a 3rd party certified developer who can create add on modules to these carts can be time consuming and cost prohibitive.

Auto Plus is fully compliant and integrated into the ACES and PIES automotive eCommerce shopping cart Cartanium. Cartanium shopping carts are completely Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard and Product Information Exchange Standard compliant using the Auto Plus Microsoft SQL database schema. Users enjoy unlimited vehicle garage management, making sure the part fits, unique landing pages for every MMY fitment combination per part number, single page checkout, four level (PCdb) categorization, unlimited images per part number, friendly URLs, search engine optimized (SEO), descriptive breadcrumbs, html 5 friendly and so much more.

To learn more and to get a demo site up and running, give the folks at Cartanium a call today at 888-231-8801 and see how effective the ACES-PIES-Automotive-eCommerce-Shopping-Cart-Software can be.

Other Modules

ACES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) is the automotive industry standard for mapping, managing and exchanging automotive parts catalog data.

Import and Export Product Information Quickly and Easily!

Users can also import industry standard ACES XML data from all ACES compliant suppliers and export ACES compliant XML, which is validated and ready to import by all compliant ACES receivers.

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PIES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) allows companies to easily exchange more comprehensive parts data.

Easily Exchange Comprehensive Parts Data!

PIES offers the ability for mappers and catalogers to exchange data that references packaging with dimensions and weights, product attributes, hazardous materials information, barcode and much more …

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Lookup Tool Software

Filter Information by Groups, Type, Make, Model, Year & Region!

Filter Information by Groups, Type, Make, Model, Year & Region!

Using the ACES Lookup tool one can filter information by vehicle group, type, make, model, year, submodel and region.

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