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ACES PIES Automotive Catalog Mapping Software

Auto Plus Software

Allows Users to Manage ALL Automotive Inventory Catalog Data!
In today’s automotive aftermarket, it’s not enough when selling online to have a part number, vehicle fitment and a price only. Online shoppers need more detailed and qualified parts data to base their purchase decisions such as shipping, packaging, images, installation guides, product videos, support documentation, hazardous materials information, product attributes and more. This is where the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) comes in.

As a complete Automotive Inventory Catalog Mapping software package, Auto Plus is both ACES and PIES compliant. In addition, Auto Plus allows users to manage multiple descriptions, AAIA Brand ID, up sale items, alternate items, interchange numbers, HTML notes, unlimited images, landing pages, dynamic search engine optimization (SEO), ecommerce integration and more.

Although part numbers can be entered manually one-by-one, Auto Plus features an import module with templates for all aspects of inventory, customers and images for bulk importing. In addition, users of Auto Plus have the ability to import an unlimited number of part numbers from validated PIES and ACES XML files from an unlimited number of suppliers.

Beyond being an inventory catalog program, Auto Plus, being ACES compliant is also a vehicle mapping catalog program. Users, such as manufacturers, distributors and automotive catalog mappers, use Auto Plus to map their parts data to the industry standard ACES schema. Using the Auto Plus ACES export module users create export profiles and export their data to an ACES XML formatted file. These files are completely validated and ready to be sent to customers or data repository companies such as Opticat, SEMA Data Coop and more.

Being 100% compliant with the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) by AutoCare Association, Auto Plus allows users to import, export and fully manage all aspects of PIES across all segments.


ACES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) is the automotive industry standard for mapping, managing and exchanging automotive parts catalog data.

Import and Export Product Information Quickly and Easily!

Users can also import industry standard ACES XML data from all ACES compliant suppliers and export ACES compliant XML, which is validated and ready to import by all compliant ACES receivers.

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PIES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) allows companies to easily exchange more comprehensive parts data.

Easily Exchange Comprehensive Parts Data!

PIES offers the ability for mappers and catalogers to exchange data that references packaging with dimensions and weights, product attributes, hazardous materials information, barcode and much more …

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Lookup Tool Software

Filter Information by Groups, Type, Make, Model, Year & Region!

Filter Information by Groups, Type, Make, Model, Year & Region!

Using the ACES Lookup tool one can filter information by vehicle group, type, make, model, year, submodel and region.

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eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

Auto Plus is fully compliant and integrated into the ACES and PIES automotive eCommerce shopping cart Cartanium.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Software Compliant with ACES and PIES!

Cartanium shopping carts are completely ACES and PIES compliant using the Auto Plus Microsoft SQL database schema.

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