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Export Validated ACES XML Files in Record Time!

Auto Plus gives users a complete ACES export module complete with profiles. Unlimited ACES export profiles can be created and managed and each profile can have a unique profile name, notes and date. Additionally each export profile can have its own ACES header, sender and mapper information. One of the many unique features of the Auto Plus ACES export module is the ability to choose which attributes or tags are to be exported to the ACES XML file. If a user does not wish to have drive information, although they have mapped to that attribute group, they can turn the drive information off for that profile. Additionally users per profile can select which part numbers and vehicles they wish to export. If a user has 100,000 SKUs and they only wish to export to the ACES XML file vehicles in light duty or a car for Mercedes-Benz where the part type is A/C Compressor, this can be done.

This is useful for manufacturers who have specific products that go to one customer but not the other. Some users like to separate part types between different ACES XML files. Others may only sell parts they manufacture to a customer who sells car parts and not motorcycle parts. However they manage both in their catalog system.

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