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100% of PIES Now Implemented in Easy Customer Interface!

There are excellent PIES mapping service providers in the automotive market place today, many of which are great and provide a valuable service. However, a lot of companies that need PIES want to take the task on themselves. In the past this was next to impossible, as there were no software packages available that embraced all that PIES has to offer.

Auto Plus meets this expectation and more. In fact, 100% of the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) has been implemented in an easy to use customer interface. The PIES Product Attribute Database (PAdb) has been fully incorporated as well. Not only are each PIES segment represented, all use tables such as units of measure, country of origin, language. In addition, more are updated on an ongoing bases along with PIES schema changes, PAdb updates, PCdb (Product Categorization Database), ACES Brand ID updates and others.

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