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Import and Export Product Information Quickly and Easily!

If your goal is to create, import, manage, map, validate and export ACES and PIES parts data, this is the tool you’ve been waiting to use. Not only is ACES PIES Mapping Catalog Software outstanding, but 100% of both the Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard and Product Information Exchange Standard schema and fields are supported.

Features of the ACES/PIES Mapping Catalog software allow for the following: In minutes users create a new part number, map to ACES VCdb, PCdb, PIES with PAdb and export to ACES and PIES XML. In addition, users can filter ACES VCdb by MMY or start with engine designation and locate all vehicles assigned to that designation. Since Auto Plus validates against the VCdb in real time on the fly, users can start mapping to the ACES VCdb from any VCdb group or attribute. With this software, not only is it possible to assign PIES descriptions, attributes, digital asset segments and all 300 plus Product Information Exchange Standard fields, but it is also easy to integrate ACES and PIES compliant data to an eCommerce online automotive shopping cart web site.

Along with ACES and PIES data, users can manage part number alternates, up sale (recommended items), ACES Brand IDs, HTML notes, post unlimited images per part number, present image SEO, part number SEO, landing pages and more.

Validated ACES and PIES XML files will be accepted the first time by all ACES and PIES compliant trading partners.

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