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Automotive Manufacturers, Catalogers and Mappers spend a great deal of time and money creating PIES XML files and data that is very detailed, informative and useful; however, until now, very few people could take advantage of this important information. Auto Plus’s Import PIES XML software makes it possible for users to import and store this important data. In addition, SEMA Data Coop (SDC) and OptiCat offers free PIES files to qualified receivers, which means this is the ideal time for retailers and others to get their hands on quality parts data.

We Take the Complexity out of Importing Validated PIES XML files!

Auto Plus has made it possible for business owners and managers to reap the bottom-line benefits by allowing users to import and validate PIES XML files. Additionally, all segments and fields that PIES XML files contain are supported across all segments and are imported into the client’s database. The most common segments that are used in most PIES files are description, pricing, attribute and digital asset segments; however the market copy, item, EXPI, packaging, hazardous material and all other PIES segments and fields can also now be imported. Even if only partial numbers or possibly no numbers exist in a company’s system, SKUs will be created for each partial number.

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