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PIES PAdb Product Attribute Database

PAdb & PIES Schema: A New and Powerful Tool Used Between Trader Partners!

The PAdb (Product Attribute Database) is an automotive industry standard that is used together with the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES). In May 2014, the release by AutoCare Association stated that the PAdb covers over 77,000 attributes across 9000 plus part terminologies. To date, most PIES catalogers/mappers have not yet embraced the PAdb; however, it is a powerful tool, as the PIES schema allows the use of the PIES segment to be user defined.

Designed to exchange information about fit, form and function of thousands of automotive products, PAdb standardizes the way product-specific performance and physical attributes are exchanged between trading partners. This allows for a consistent, common and predictable set of product attributes. For example, the Product Attribute Database was created so that any two suppliers / manufacturers selling the same type of clutch kit have a common set of attributes to describe torque capacity increase or clutch diameter in inches and millimeters.

Critically important is that Auto Plus is fully compliant with the PAdb and is completely integrated into the PIES Attribute Segment.

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