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ACES VCdb Inventory Catalog Overlap Report

The new ACES VCdb inventory catalog overlap report in Auto Plus allows users to see where a given vehicle has more than one part number assigned.

This report can be run against an entire database or filtered.  Filtering options include ACES brand ID, part number or partial part number, ACES manufacture label, PCdb (category, sub category, part type and or position and all 54 vehicle application attributes from the vehicle configuration database (VCdb) and more.

Columns from any of the 54 ACES VCdb fields and the PCdb can be added to further define the vehicle you are wanting to run the overlap report on.  The more columns you add the more granular or detailed the reporting against the database becomes.

All grid results can be exported to PDF, XLSX, CSV, Text (choose custom delimiter) and others.


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