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ACES VCdb Over Mapping Exceptions Module

Over mapped ACES VCdb vehicle attributes is common in the ACES world.  This is mainly due to the lack of the ACES vehicle config table.  This table tied all attribute groups together back to the vehicle.  The vehicle config table was removed from the ACES VCdb a while back.

A part number can fit a particular car with a specific engine liter and drive.  This part number can also fit this particular vehicle with two specific transmissions and two body door types.  Most systems do a good job at mapping against the VCdb.  No matter how good your system is, there is a chance for unwanted attributes or configurations.

In this case, the part number was mapped to a 2008 Honda Accord EX, EX-L, LX, LX-P and LX-S 2.4L with M91A and B90A transmissions both 2 door and 4 door.  The issue is that for the M91A only the 4 door configuration applies.

The exceptions module offers a transparent view of all app IDs that will be exported.  All mapped fields can be sorted, removed or in other words tailored to what you are looking for.  Now the end user can remove any configurations that are not desired.

By default the ACES Export module assumes you do not want to include these exceptions.  However an option to re apply them is available upon export.

Take a look at our latest video – https://youtu.be/4y12Jc0BgoY


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