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ACES VCdb PCdb Inventory Audit Report – New

ACES VCdb PCdb Inventory Audit Report

Introduced in Auto Plus version, the new VCdb and PCdb ACES audit report has been adopted by all users with great praise.

On the PCdb (Product Classification Database) side it is quite simple.  The Audit report can be flagged to show items with or without a PCdb entry.  Users can filter down their data by ACES Brand ID, keywords, part numbers and more.

On the VCdb (Vehicle Configuration Database) side, users have the ability to filter by ACES Brand ID, part number or partial part number, keywords, category, sub category, part type and or position and many more.  Once they find the part numbers with applications they are looking for, further filtering can be done by searching for applications with engine attributes, transmission or any of the attribute groups in the ACES VCdb.

These filters can be used together.  An example would be a user looking for part numbers that have been mapped to engine, transmission and drive.  This may be required for the part type assigned to the part number.  This would show all of the part numbers they filtered that have those attributes mapped together or do not.  The user can then easily and quickly open that part number in the inventory profile page and edit.

Quantity and or vehicle application notes can be filtered as well.

Click the link to watch the YouTube video – https://youtu.be/QzLvAnWNccE


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