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Auto Plus ACES VCdb Update

Auto Plus ACES VCdb Update to Version

This was a major re-write of our entire ACES VCdb catalog mapping module.  Every bit of code was replaced.  This re-write has introduced increased speed throughout the entire module.

To appreciate the speed, what used to take an average of 17 minutes to populate the entire VCdb MMY for drive type “4WD” now takes around 1 second.

Flagging and unflagging unlimited items now happens in a flash compaired to the old method.

The existing replicate feature was updated as well.  New updates to the ACES VCdb replicate feature are append and overwrite.  In the first release of this feature it was assumed that all users would want to always replace all ACES VCdb mappings to the target part numbers from the source part number.

Another new feature that many customers will enjoy is real-time ACES VCdb validation across both filter drop downs and custom filters when used simultaneously.

Replicate Append Overwrite ACES VCdb
The new update to the ACES VCdb part replication feature for appending or overwrite saves time so mappers can get more done in less time.  Click the button below to see a YouTube video with this new feature in action!
Real-Time ACES VCdb Validation
Another new feature in this update is the ability to validate your mappings against the ACES VCdb in real-time.  This is across all ACES VCdb attributes using either the filter drop downs or custom filters in any combination.  Click on the button below to see it in action!

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