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Map to ACES VCdb Using Manufactures Body Code Attribute Only
Learn how to map your MMY to the ACES Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) using the Manufactures Body Code attribute only.

This is helpful and really speeds things up for mappers and catalog managers who are familiar with these codes. Using this method seems to be popular with Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other foreign vehicle applications.

Customers using this method of mapping to ACES VCdb have saved countless hours in cataloging.

Export Inventory MS Excel Update Weight Auto Plus
This video covers the filtering of part numbers in the Auto Plus ACES and PIES catalog system and exporting out to a pipe delimited file for editing in Excel.

The weight column is added, updated and saved. Then we import the data back into Auto Plus and update all records in bulk.

Export ACES XML For Specific Vehicle and Engine
Auto Plus allows users to map their part numbers to unlimited vehicles, engines, transmissions and all other attributes. The ACES export module in Auto Plus will automatically assume you wish to export all part numbers for all VCdb mappings.

The Auto Plus ACES Export Profile module allows users to specifically flag certain part numbers, vehicles and or all other VCdb attributes.

This video show how to create a new ACES XML Export Profile, flag a single part number with only 3.0L, 2998 CC engine.

Using Auto Plus ACES VCdb Body Code To Assist Customer Mapping
This feature in Auto Plus allows all users to quickly find and identify vehicle attributes based on the manufactures code or other attributes as all VCdb data is validated in real time as you interact with it.
How To Enter An Inventory Profile Manually In Auto Plus ACES PIES
This is an in-depth video going through the entire process of creating an inventory profile manually. There are many ways to get inventor into Auto Plus. You can import parts data from ACES XML files, PIES XML files, flat files or Microsoft Excel files from your vendor or accounting inventory control system.

This video details all description fields, images, upsale, alternate and interchange numbers, html notes, pricing and more.

ACES 3.1 XML Exporting Auto Plus AutoCare Association
This video covers exporting an ACES 3.1 validated XML file. Auto Plus utilizes “ACES Export Profiles”.

Users can create as many profiles as they wish. Each profile can have it’s own header information, consolidation, VCdb attributes, part numbers and or vehicles.