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PIES 6.6 Support – Auto Plus

Auto Plus version introduced PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) 6.6 schema support.  This support is for both the importing of validated 6.6 PIES XML files as well as exporting validated PIES 6.6 XML files. […]
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ACES 3.2 Support – Auto Plus

Auto Plus was recently updated to support the AutoCare Association ACES 3.2 XML schema. ACES 3.2 brought a few changes to logos and verbiage from “AAIA” to “Auto Care Association”.  The logo was also changed […]
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ACES Brand ID Table – AutoCare Association

The ACES Brand ID table by AutoCare Association was developed to standardize the identification of manufacturers and their part brands.  Optional in an ACES XML file, the brand ID communicates to the receiver from whom […]
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Motive Gear Launches New Website

Motive Gear and Motive Gear Performance has launched a brand new public website www.motivegear.com. Motive Gear is the leading manufacturer of drive-line products for just about any vehicle, whether it is a stock daily driver […]
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ASAP Network Validating Aftermarket Product Data with Auto Plus

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Ignore, Append, Replace For PIES Import Posting

Released in version of Auto Plus is a new feature that allows users to pick and choose what they do with the PIES segments data that they have imported.  In past when importing a […]
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Append, Ignore and Replace for ACES Imports

A new feature released in Auto Plus version gives users options for posting ACES imports.  If you are importing validated ACES XML files or flat file MMY (Make, Model, Year) files you now have […]
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PIES Flat File Mapping Import Module

The PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) by AutoCare http://www.autocare.org is everything ACES is not.  There are currently over 300 fields of data in PIES spread out over many segments. The PIES flat file import module […]
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