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AutoParts Components, Inc. (APC) is a factory warehouse distribution center specializing in OEM replacement A/C condensers for the US market. Established in 2003, APC (ACES Brand ID – FNNX) uses the Auto Plus ACES and PIES compliant software catalog mapping software to manage their automotive A/C condenser product fitment, category, description and all data relating to their part numbers, ACES and PIES. The way it works is simple. APC exports validated ACES XML files and then sends them to their customers, who are ACES compliant such as 800-Radiator and more. With the Auto Plus version, APC is looking forward to managing all of their PIES data, especially since their customers have recently been requesting Product Information Exchange Standard data.

APC offers the latest models of all aluminum parallel flow as well as the new design micro tube in various tube widths, thicknesses and channels to meet and exceed OEM standards. All products offered by APC are sold exclusively through participating warehouse distributors and manufacturers throughout North, Central and South America. With a 50,000 square foot warehouse dedicated to A/C condenser inventory, APC is not just a choice for automotive C/C condensers; it is the only choice!

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Auto Plus Software

The Auto Plus ACES Catalog program has been built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server technologies.

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