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When giving thought to the best solution, consider Auto Metal Direct (AMD) (ACES Brand ID – FQDW) for it produces some of the highest quality automotive aftermarket direct OEM fit body panels on the market. Auto Metal Direct (AMD) whose ACES Brand ID is FQDW, is the producer of high quality original equipment manufactured sheet metal fenders, hoods, quarter panels, floor pans and more. Customers of AMD vary from garage, hobby / enthusiasts, major restoration shops and retailers worldwide.

AMD panels are made from proper gauge steel and include all correct-as-original clips, tabs, flanges, bends and seams. Each time a prototype body panel comes off of new tooling, Auto Metal Direct test fits it on a car to ensure proper and correct original fitment. The marked up prototype is then used to change and improve the tools, and a new prototype is produced. This procedure might be repeated multiple times; however, once the part is finally approved, customers are assured of a quality part. This is just one of the reasons why Auto Metal Direct is known in the automotive aftermarket as one of the supreme body panel manufacturers.

We invite you to visit Auto Metal Direct to learn more about their product.

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The Auto Plus ACES Catalog program has been built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server technologies.

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