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Pacific Radiator

Our Success Story

Learn how our software helped Pacific Radiator
Pacific Radiator was established in 1974 with the merger of Jamison Radiator and Paul’s Radiator in Glendale, CA.

Pacific Radiator uses the Auto Plus ACES PIES software to catalog their inventory to both the VCdb and PCdb. They also import ACES XML files from manufactures such as KOYO and TYC Genera. This inventory catalog data is then synced to their online wholesale only shopping cart.

Back in 1974, Pacific Radiator was a full service and repair shop striving to offer the highest quality repairs, re-cores and new radiators. They supplied these parts and services to professional garages, dealerships, body shops and do-it-yourself customers. With that business model they experienced great growth during the 1970’s and 80’s with the establishment of 6 shops located throughout Los Angeles County servicing both light duty automotive and heavy duty industrial cooling system products.

We invite you to visit Pacific Radiator to learn more about their product.

Auto Plus Software

The Auto Plus ACES Catalog program has been built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server technologies.

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