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Clone Copy Duplicate ACES VCdb Catalog Mapping

Clone Copy Duplicate ACES VCdb Catalog Mapping

In this latest Auto Plus version update we introduce the ability for users to copy / clone or in other words duplicate the VCdb mapping and vehicle specific application notes from one part number to an unlimited number of other parts.

This new feature of taking the MMY ACES VCdb mapping from one part number and duplicating it across one or many other part numbers works on newly created part numbers or existing.  Users can either choose an existing part number with VCdb mapping or start a brand new mapping.

From the ACES VCdb vehicle attributes for group, type, make, model, year, sub model and region to every other attribute that has been mapped for the source part number.  In addition to the vehicle applications, the ACES VCdb Catalog Mapping clone duplicate feature copies the vehicle specific application notes as well.

This new feature is just one of many that will be released giving our customers more tools and power to become more efficient.

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