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Correct ACES VCdb Application Mapping

Getting ACES VCdb Application Mapping Correct

The AutoCare Association ACES 3.1 Delivery Specification PDF document clearly states “Catalog data should only include the information necessary to unambiguously select the correct part”.

Whether using Auto Plus or other ACES Catalog Mapping software systems, this is a practice more end users should spend more time on.  Too many times  ACES catalog mappers are not aware of the tools they have available to them and need to understand them more.

Other times the mechanism by which the catalog mapper is producing the ACES XML file although being validated does not take into account VCdb attribute consolidation.  Auto Plus will consolidate ACES VCdb attributes where applicable.  Example – If an end user selects all engines for a given vehicle, then Auto Plus will not populate App IDs or tags for those vehicle / engine combinations.  However, if there are 3 engines available for a vehicle and the end user only selects one of the engines, ACES 3.1 Validated Consolidated XMLthen Auto Plus will populate all App ID and engine combinations required.

There are currently 54 vehicle attributes in the ACES 3.1 VCdb.  For an ACES 3.1 XML file to be valid, each App ID must contain at minimum the ACES base vehicle ID, ACES Part Type ID, Part Number and Part Quantity.  All other data is optional and should only be used to “unambiguously select the correct part”.

Try Auto Plus out for yourself and export validated ACES 3.1 XML files for free!

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