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ACES VCdb PCdb Lookup Tool

Lookup Tool Module

Filter Information by Groups, Type, Make, Model, Year & Region!
Given our high tech solutions, it is no longer necessary to worry about integrating both the AutoCare Association ACES Vehicle Configuration Database and Parts Categorization Database (VCdb and PCdb) because we have created the best solution. The Auto Plus ACES Lookup tool was designed specifically with the end user in mind so as to fully intergrate both the AutoCare Association ACES Vehicle Configuration Database and Parts Categorization Database (VCdb and PCdb).

Using the ACES Lookup tool one can filter information by vehicle group, type, make, model, year, submodel and region. They can then refine their search by vehicle attributes such as the body group and within the body group, users have body type, drive type, wheel base, body code and bed type. The next group to filter through is the brake and suspension group. Here you will find the following fields; brake type, spring type and steering type. One of the original AAIA Legacy groups was the engine group; the engine group is back, but with a higher level of detail. Fields include: base liter, base cc, base cid, base cylinder, base block, bore inches, bore metric, stroke inches, stroke metric, fuel delivery type, fuel delivery sub type, fuel delivery control and fuel delivery design. Users will also find within the engine group: engine manufacture, vin, number of valves, cylinder head, designation, version, fuel type, aspiration and ignition. The final group is the transmission group, which includes fields for transmission speed, control, type, manufacture, code and electronic controlled.

The Auto Plus ACES Lookup tool allows users to also find entries using the ACES Base ID and or the ACES Vehicle ID.

The lookup for the PCdb or Parts Categorization Database allows for filtering by part ID, master ID, category, sub category, part type and position.

ACES or (Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard) is the Automotive Industry Standard for the management and exchange of automotive catalog and vehicle data. With an ACES database, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, web content providers and others can publish automotive data with standard coded designations for vehicle attributes, parts classifications and qualifier statements. ACES provide a machine-readable format (XML) for trading partners to use in exchanging vast amounts of information. The ACES Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) and Parts Categorization Database (PCdb) is updated monthly and is available via our free ACES VCdb PCdb Lookup tool. The AutoCare Association Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standards (ACES) and the Product Information Exchange Standards (PIES) facilitate electronic commerce between aftermarket suppliers and buyers.

When you are ready for an up to date way to view your ACES/PIES entries, Auto Plus, our flagship ACES and PIES import and export automotive inventory catalog mapping software solution is completely Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced and Product Information Exchange Standard compliant. Features of Auto Plus include but are not limited to the following: Flat file importing, ACES and PIES XML file importing and exporting, multiple descriptions, alternate part numbers, up sale recommended part numbers, interchange numbers, unlimited images per part number, HTML notes, landing pages, ACES VCdb and PCdb, all PIES segments and more. To download the Auto Plus ACES Lookup Tool for free, click here.

Other Modules

ACES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) is the automotive industry standard for mapping, managing and exchanging automotive parts catalog data.

Import and Export Product Information Quickly and Easily!

Users can also import industry standard ACES XML data from all ACES compliant suppliers and export ACES compliant XML, which is validated and ready to import by all compliant ACES receivers.

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PIES Automotive Mapping Catalog Software

The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) allows companies to easily exchange more comprehensive parts data.

Easily Exchange Comprehensive Parts Data!

PIES offers the ability for mappers and catalogers to exchange data that references packaging with dimensions and weights, product attributes, hazardous materials information, barcode and much more …

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eCommerce Shopping Cart Software

Auto Plus is fully compliant and integrated into the ACES and PIES automotive eCommerce shopping cart Cartanium.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Software Compliant with ACES and PIES!

Cartanium shopping carts are completely ACES and PIES compliant using the Auto Plus Microsoft SQL database schema.

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