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Ignore, Append, Replace For PIES Import Posting

Released in version of Auto Plus is a new feature that allows users to pick and choose what they do with the PIES segments data that they have imported.  In past when importing a validated PIES XML file users had no choice but to replace all data being imported.  This was a pain especially if they had spent a lot of time editing their PIES descriptions, pricing, attributes, digital assets etc.

At least for the importers of PIES flat file data they could only import the segments they wanted to.  But then still had to overwrite all of the existing data.

In the latest version of Auto Plus users have the ability to ignore, replace or append their validated PIES XML or flat file PIES imports prior to post.

The replace option per segment is pretty straight forward in that this option when selected will wipe out existing data and replace it with the data from the import.  The append option will add data per segment where they are unique.  If you have redundant data in your import and select append, Auto Plus is smart enough to not duplicate entries.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think.

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