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Lack Of ACES VCdb Validation Reports

The Lack of ACES VCdb Validation Reports

Recently I was asked during a demo to show an ACES VCdb validation report.  When I asked the prospect to describe the type of data he was looking to see, he explained the following:

“In my current system I run a report that shows me all of the vehicle, engine and transmission combinations I selected that are not valid.  In this way I can fix those vehicles and attributes and export to ACES XML.”

I explained to this prospect that we do not have this type of report.  He then said “then how do I know that I have selected the correct vehicle and vehicle VCdb ACES attributes?”

I then further explained that we do not have such a report as there is no need.  I told the prospect that Auto Plus does not allow the user to select the wrong vehicle, engine, transmission or any other attribute.  When using Auto Plus all 54 vehicle attributes of the ACES VCdb are validated as you filter and select them.  Example, If I want to map a part number to all Ford vehicles with a 6 speed automatic transmission and 5.4 liter V8 I can.  This is all without having to know which is the correct 5.4 liter engines to select or even the vehicles themselves.

A user can start by filtering on the 22 drive types by “4WD”.  Next, out of 2,962 transmissions, only 649 are connected in the ACES VCdb to drive type “4WD”.  I select the Ford 6 speed automatic I want.  Now I have filtered by drive 4WD and 6 speed transmission by Ford.  Out of 10,045 unique engines in the current VCdb, only 17 meet the criteria of the drive and transmission I selected.  I filter by “5.4” liter.  Out of 127,257 unique vehicles (59,936 base vehicles) in the ACES VCdb only 131 Ford vehicles meet the criteria of 4WD, 6 speed 6R80 transmission, 5.4 liter V8.  These vehicles are the 2009 – 2014 Ford Expedition, 2009 – 2010 F-150 and 2009 – 2014 Navigator.

Auto Plus can filter and validate against the ACES VCdb in real-time from any starting point.  Starting point being vehicle then body type then engine or anything in between.

If you have not yet watched our recent YouTube video demonstrating this new ACES VCdb validation engine, click here.

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