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New Browser Control

Auto Plus now has a new web browser control deployed in various areas of the system.

It all begins on the start screen once you open Auto Plus.  There are three different browser displays.  By default the Auto Plus version history page found at http://www.rebsi.com/version_history/ is displayed.  Many users where unaware that is page has existed for quite some time.  Others simply do not have time to visit the page.  Now we bring it to you.

By clicking on the icon that resembles a newspaper (hover over the icons as they describe what they are for) you will load the Auto Plus blog page that can be found at http://www.rebsi.com/blog/.  We write articles throughout the month regarding new features, clients and more.

If you click on the icon that looks like a play button you will load the Auto Plus YouTube channel.  Currently there are around 90 videos authored in a tutorial type format.  We will start creating more content on a regular basis.

The ACES Update screen now has a special HTML page dedicated to ACES news and more importantly VCdb and PCdb new version details from AutoCare.  Finally the PIES Update screen also provides PIES specific news and monthly PAdb or other PIES version news.

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