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PIES PAdb – Product Attribute Database – A Few Words

PIES PAdb – Product Attribute Database – A Few Words

The PIES PAdb or “Product Attribute Database” is an automotive aftermarket standardized database used in conjunction with the Product Information Exchange Standard as published by the AutoCare Association.

The PAdb has standardized the way by which the physical performance aspects of a part and its physical attributes are communicated to trading partners from the manufacturer.  At the counter and online, retailers have come to rely on the manufacturer to communicate these specific details so an informed decision can be made.

Having a standardized set of pre-established part attributes frees up resources on both the suppliers and receivers side.  On the supplier side the mapper or catalog person can select from a vast list of PAdb entries without having to do research which can be time consuming.  On the receiver side, always having consistent product attributes across all of their brands means less confusion for the sales person at the counter and more effective, detailed and presentable data on their eCommerce shopping carts.

The problem with all of this is at the time of this writing, there are only 80 subscribers to the PAdb.  The Product Attribute Database is one of the least used industry standard databases from AutoCare Association.  The majority of suppliers use custom PAdb entries.

One of the many issues with this is inconsistency between brands selling the same type of part.   Five suppliers selling aftermarket clutches all for the same applications will use completely different and unique Product Attributes.  This then has to be cleaned up so that all like attributes are labeled the same.  Clutch Outside Diameter should always be entered the same way.  You may see “COD”, “Clutch OD”, “Disc OD”, etc.  Large companies who receive data spend countless hours and personnel mapping these custom product attributes to either their proprietary attributes or the PIES PAdb.

Having your PIES Attribute Segment PAdb compliant saves the supplier time and allows your receiver to get your data online and on the counter faster with better results.  Being PAdb compliant produces better data, reduces time to market and helps receivers sell more product.

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