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PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) Item Segment – Auto Plus

The PIES Item Segment

The PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) Item Segment is the heart of a PIES XML file.  There is very little that is required to be “PIES Compliant”.  There is the Header Segment and Trailer Segment and then the Item Segment.  With the exception of the Market Copy and Price Sheet Segments, all of the other segments that make up a validated PIES XML file are sub segments of the PIES Item Segment.

Every part number in PIES XML file is represented with an instance of an “Item” element that separates one unique part number from another.  All of the supporting sub segments of the Item Segment such as the Description Segment, Price Segment, EXPI (Extended Product Information) Segment, Product Attribute Segment, Package Segment, Hazardous Material Segment, Kitting Segment, Interchange Segment and Digital Assets Segment are all contained within each instance of the unique Item.

As mentioned above, the Header, Trailer and Item Segments are minimally required to constitute a valid PIES XML file.  There are only two fields out of over 20 that are required in the PIES Item Segment, these are the Part Number and ACES Brand ID fields.

To learn more about the PIES Item Segment visit our PIES / PAdb YouTube channel playlist or better yet schedule a live demo.

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