ACES – Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard

ACES – Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard

Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) is the automotive industry standard for mapping, managing and exchanging automotive parts catalog data. Becoming ACES compliant allows users to exchange catalog data without having to translate it from one proprietary format to another. This eliminates the need to support and maintain multiple formats of the same catalog data.

The Auto Plus ACES Catalog management system has been built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server technologies. In addition, it is fully compliant in the AutoCare Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard (ACES) version 3.2 and backwards compatible to ACES 1.0. Auto Plus also allows users to import and export ACES XML data from and to their automotive suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, SEMA, AutoZone, Activant, WHI, Website and more.

In addition, the Auto Plus interface allows users to fully interact with the VCdb, PCdb and Qdb without any limitations, which includes finding applications within the Vehicle Configuration Database from any starting point. Users can begin by simply starting with group, type, make, or they can start at engine designation and map all vehicles in the VCdb that have an engine with that designation.

With Auto Plus, there are countless features which include creating, managing, mapping and validating ACES VCdb, PCdb and Qdb data. Users can also import industry standard ACES XML data from all ACES compliant suppliers as well as flat file data and export ACES compliant XML, which is validated and ready to import by all compliant ACES receivers.

Using Auto Plus allows the user to get ACES catalog parts data in record time and promptly in the hands of distributors, wholesalers and retailers in addition to sending validated ACES XML to SEMA Data Coop, OptiCat, DCi, Autozone, Advance Auto Parts and more.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • ACES XML Exporting
  • ACES Flat File Import Validation Mapping To XML
  • ACES Reporting
  • ACES XML Mapping
  • ACES XML Validating
  • ACES XML Importing
  • ACES Qdb
  • ACES Web API
  • ACES Custom White / Private Label
  • ACES XML Over / Under Mapping

River Edge's Enhanced Standard Credo

As the industry's foremost catalog mapping resource, Auto Plus software remains fully committed to compliance with every aspect with Aftermarket Catelog Exchange Standard, ACES XML, ACES Brand I.D.,

Product Information Exchange Standard, PIES XML, Validate PIES XML, and Map PIES XML. As such, our team strives to soar beyond the evolving form, fit and function standards set by Auto Care Industry.


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