Continually throughout the year, we capture each Auto Care Industry update made to the VCdb, PCdb, Qdb, and Brand I.D. tables. As a result, our users run apace of ACES' and PIES's development that in turn keeps their accounts fully up to date.

Quite easily.  Our computer technicians have the "know-how" to help  you prepare your files to satisfy your trading partner's guidelines.

We take care of it all. Our IT engineers manage the MS Search Query Language (SQL) server. They regularly refresh evolving data reserves.  And  they will install the Auto Plus software for you.  Your mapping and  validation needs are met.

No. Retailers and Etailers only accept  XML files.  This format avoids part number holes, missing application coverage,  product overlaps and the like.  In fact, many dictate their catalog inforation requirements through their product information handbooks.

Nothing.  We respect your property rights.  Whatever data you create, you own it. We do not annex anything.

No.  ACES and PIES continue to evolve so long as the vehicle market changes too.  We offer edit and modification features, which means no mapping from the start will ever happen.

Several times a year the Auto Care Association streamlines working efficiencies, language, images and so much more.  Our team acts on every revision to keep you compliant.

The auto care industry argues that everyone will reap a bigger piece of the pie.  Our clients have seen improved sales, less item come backs, and wider visibility.

ACES and PIES supports light duty, heavy duty and off-highway markets.  The road is wide open.

Due to our nimble go-to-market strategy,  we serve a diversity of interests such as traditional parts makers to accessory and specialty suppliers.

Since ACES and PIES initial launch in 2002, these standards have undergone more than 20 comprehensive updates crafted by a distinguished group of catalog experts, national retailers, franchise representatives, and notably IT computer scientist grade experts.  We operate in lock-step with the Auto Care Association to uphold the highest compliance standard.

You don't. River's Edge monitors and acts on the continuing updates issued by the Auto Care Industry.  This covers anything impacting VCdb, PCdb, Pdb, brand tables and much more.

No. Virtually every retailer will not consider doing business with a manufacturer or supplier that is ACES/PIES non-compliant.  By mandating suppliers to communicate catalog data in a uniform code,  participants have  seen reduced cataloging discrephancies and improved application data with minimal duplications.

ACES-Auto Care Catalog Exchange Standard harmonizes factual information for proper product selection and vehicle fitment. This standard drives how YEAR/MAKE/MODEL electronic product "searches" and "look-ups" work.

PIES-Product Information Exchange Standard defines the  saleable attributes of the automotive products. They include, but are not limited to: brand ID, description, price, dimensions, weights, NAFTA, UPC and HAZMAT.

Our clients prefer River's Edge self-directed process since many are strong data managers to begin with.  We take a balanced approach by giving you the tools and the personalized support for how long it takes for your business to become proficient with our products and secure portal.

Yes. Full discretion stays within our confines.  We make it a point to protect your data, your strategies and any element crucial to your business's interests.

No.  Have it your way. While most of our clients require minimal staff support, we offer short-term solutions or will work with your team for the long-term.

No. Every company's needs differ.  You may individually buy any of our products or invest in the entire package.  We will evaluate your situation to assess which solution fits your cataloging goals.

ACES  includes access to the VCdb, Qdb, PCdb, and Brand Table.

PIES includes access to the Padb.

In this protected portal, only authorized users have access to manage their ACES and PIES files.  The administrator decides how much interactive features a user gets.

Our server hosts the interface that you develop. Our server brings you the data and functions that you need to communicate your products with your online viewers.

No. Your team is responsible for researching application fitment.  Our ACES and PIES mapping modules will call out validation errors where your team has an opportunity to fix the coding errors.

River Edge's Enhanced Standard Credo

As the industry's foremost catalog mapping resource, Auto Plus software remains fully committed to compliance with every aspect with Aftermarket Catelog Exchange Standard, ACES XML, ACES Brand I.D.,

Product Information Exchange Standard, PIES XML, Validate PIES XML, and Map PIES XML. As such, our team strives to soar beyond the evolving form, fit and function standards set by Auto Care Industry.


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