PIES – Product Information Exchange Standard

PIES – Product Information Exchange Standard

In this day and age, it’s critically important to have the proper tools and processes for greater efficiency. The Product Information Exchange Standard or (PIES) Automotive Mapping Catalog Software Auto Plus was developed specifically for that purpose, as it allows companies to easily exchange more comprehensive parts data. Previously, most companies would simply send out MS Excel “Price Lists” with minimal information, yet in today’s market, companies need to exchange all-inclusive data beyond the simple price list with a few columns.

The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) is not just made up of a cluster of fields but provides a great deal more. Not only does it support the requirements of those fields along with a method to transmit the fields, PIES offers the ability for mappers and catalogers to exchange data that references packaging with dimensions and weights, product attributes, hazardous materials information, barcode, product code and GTIN, product descriptions, extended (non description) product information, kitting, warranty in distance and or duration, shipping and country of origin, emissions, digital assets such as images, videos, .PDF, MS Word, Text and MS Excel and much more.

In addition to Auto Plus users importing unlimited validated PIES XML files, when imported, the data populates Auto Plus MS SQL database, which can be edited if needed. Users can also create their own PIES segment data, which is validated and ready for exporting to the PIES XML standard. These segments include item segment, description segment, price segment, EXPI (Extended Product Information) segment, attribute segment, package segment, kit segment, interchange segment, digital asset segment, market copy segment, price sheet segment, header and trailer segments.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • PIES XML Exporting
  • PIES Flat File Import Validation Mapping To XML
  • PIES Reporting
  • PIES XML Mapping
  • PIES PAdb
  • PIES XML Validation
  • PIES XML Importing
  • PIES Web API
  • PIES Custom White / Private Label
  • PIES Internal Bulk Mapping Default

River Edge's Enhanced Standard Credo

As the industry's foremost catalog mapping resource, Auto Plus software remains fully committed to compliance with every aspect with Aftermarket Catelog Exchange Standard, ACES XML, ACES Brand I.D.,

Product Information Exchange Standard, PIES XML, Validate PIES XML, and Map PIES XML. As such, our team strives to soar beyond the evolving form, fit and function standards set by Auto Care Industry.


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