TecDoc to ACES Import Mapping Conversion Module

The TecDoc standard by TecAlliance is recognized worldwide as the parts catalog standard of choice.  In North America however, it is the ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard) by AutoCare Association.  Unfortunately, the ACES and TecDoc master vehicle databases and delivery specifications are completely different.  Due to this difference in structure, there is no direct conversion without going through a mapping process.

The Auto Plus Flat File Import Mapping module allows the user to (amongst other options) split, remove, parse, replace, expand, and map TecDoc data and more to the equivalent ACES applications.  With many tools available to sift through the data with conditions, Regular Expressions (RegEx), masks for attributes, and more, mapping flat file data to ACES for validation and XML export has never been easier.  For TecDoc catalogers, this becomes a way to manage their ACES catalog on an ongoing basis as often as their TecDoc catalog changes.

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River Edge's Enhanced Standard Credo

As the industry's foremost catalog mapping resource, Auto Plus software remains fully committed to compliance with every aspect with Aftermarket Catelog Exchange Standard, ACES XML, ACES Brand I.D.,

Product Information Exchange Standard, PIES XML, Validate PIES XML, and Map PIES XML. As such, our team strives to soar beyond the evolving form, fit and function standards set by Auto Care Industry.


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